• Where fitness meets beautyWe believe we have found the most cutting edge and non-invasive medical device that will work on everyone regardless of diet, age, size, shape, and genetics. Our promise: to bring out your natural beauty and to enhance your health and restore your youth.

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Neurotris uses revolutionary patented technology proven to give instant lasting results finally providing the solution millions of woman and men have been seeking!

SX 4000 Pro can be used to target specific areas including: abdominals, arms, breast, buttocks, thighs. Benefits may include inch loss, skin firming & tightening, muscle toning, cellulite reduction, lymph Drainage (Detoxification) and weight loss. Unlike wraps where any loss of inches is primarily the result of water loss, inch loss achieved by the SX 4000 Pro is the result of tightening, detoxifying and stimulating (unlike wraps where any loss of inches is primarily the result of water loss).

*Contraindications: treatments cannot be performed on anyone with a pacemaker, heart condition, epilepsy, cancer, IUD users, pregnant or anyone prone to bruising or bleeding easily.